The Big Arms and the Laziness

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On Sunday afternoon, after my good work out with Choupinou (that actually left my body so sore.. I can barely cough, my abs hurt too much. I coughed quite a bit last night but it woke me up every single time thanks to my painful abs. On ne peut meme plus etre malade tranquillement, c'est pas possible ca)... So after my work out and a lot of writing, i went for my Sunday-usual-visit to the Kits Public Library, to get some books for the kids this week at school, and have a look on Le Monde.

As usual, the Library offers a fair amount of "characters", people as different as possible, from the homeless looking for a warm and quite place, to the old lady reading Cuisine magazine, kids running around and people using the internet.
As usual when i reach the library door, the person before me never thinks about holding the door for the next person.

It drives me crazy.
Apparantly, people here have never learnt how to have a quick look behind them, in case someone would be right after them. I even see people (usually young asian) even trying not to touch the door at all, running to pass the door as fast as possible, and doing crazy moves to pass before it's closed.
Every single time i go to the library or the bank, i'll have someone that will just open the door for himself and basically drop the door before my nose.
Fortunately, when it comes to car door, men become always very gentlemen. Well, i guess when it comes to get a woman in their car, they suddenly remember the basic politness. Thanks god.

Another very annoying thing about people and doors here, it's to see how LAZY people are when it comes to open a damn door.
Jeez. To see a 30 something guy, usually with big arms (and you know what we say, "Big arms.... Big arms") pressing the "wheel chair" access that automatically opens the door, im seriously getting worried about the society.
Can't we just pull the door, is it too much of an effort ?
This morning, i went to the bank and the guy at the door, as usual, automatically opened the door for me, as if i had no arms or something. I'm healthy, i have no bag in my arms, i can open a door. I know it's his job. But i dunno if it' helping people.
But the funniest thing happened on Monday, at the Library when the guy before me pushed the bu  to automatically open the door instead of opening the door himself. Once he was outside, he started to shake and strech his arms, before getting on his bike !
 WTF ?! This is ridiculous !

I believe healthy people that can't open a door by themselves are probably the same ones that stand on the escalator. They can't walk. They just stand and wait. Reminds me of the La Haine scene...
They're young and they're already tired.

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steph 15/11/2009 23:10

ha ha haaaaa ! And it's a commercial for margarine !!!

Jo 15/11/2009 19:55

OUah ! merci pour cette parenthèse, je partage entièrement ton indignation haha! Voilà, c'est cadeau :
Enjoy !

steph 13/11/2009 18:48

Ah oui effectivement :p
Les bagues... J'y avais pas pense.

Anton 13/11/2009 15:19

... mouaiii ! s'agit qu'elle abime pas la portière avec ses bagues, hein !

... Yep ! It is a question that she doesn't damage the doorwoman with her rings, eh !

GaL 12/11/2009 12:05

Oup! No I have nothing against a man holding a door for me, what I  mean is if a man is only holding his car's door and not the other one then I have a problem with that ;-)