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After a loooong day of teaching yesterday from SFU campus to UBC, i grabbed the bus number 4 on Granville, and was looking forward to ONE thing, getting rid of my heavy backpapck and being home.

The bus was packed and i had to stand up and ... hold on.

After few blocks, i realized i'd better hold on if i didn't want to crash either on the Russian couple beside me or on the Bus windshield.

Needless to say, i was exhausted, my bag was like 20 pounds, so i was really not in the mood for a roller coaster ride on my way home.

The bus driver obviously had some trouble to stop on TIME at the red light, secretly hoping maybe that the light would turn green just for him and waiting the VERY last minute to break asshole.

It was definitely the worst driver ever. I shook my head, the woman besides me laughed and i told her:

- '' Jeez, This man doesn't know how to drive !!!''

And the woman, obviosuly nicer and more patient that me:

''Well his driving is a bit sketchy''.

Coooome on, it's the woooorst driver E.V.E.R, he sucks and everybody's gonna fall like dominos soon.

I was impressed. Everybody was holding on as tight as they could, but nobody said anything. I don't even speak about yelling at the driver, but just sharing some comments with another pissed commuter.

Nope, Nada.


Who remember these good old buses. I miss them !!



The same we see at the beginning of that trailer :)


When we arrived close to Vine, the bus stopped very abruptly and i just laughed, i just couldn't believe it.

- ''They should put a Warming label'', she said.

- He must be drunk or something. I said. Less nice and less classy.


Although i think it's nice and relaxing not to have people complaining  aloud, especially after a long day, i believe that as a French, if no one else says anything, i have to make a little joke at least. Or something.

For our sake :)

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