Life and Training in the camp...What A Life

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Since I've been back, I've kept asking myself, what was so great and relaxing about getting up everyday at 7:30, and training for almost 4 hours a day?

Life at the camp was plain awesome, and it was, actually, holidays. 

I loved the fresh, homemade, healthy food. 

I loved the good sleep.

I loved the people.

I loved the weather, the light, the warm sunlight.

I loved the routine, my routine.

2012-part-2 4552

Flying Knee to kill the shark in the pool

7:30 Noel Gallagher sings:

Keep on chasing down that rainbow
You'll never know what you might find
Over the sunset on the horizon
It may be a dream but it tastes like poison
I'm going to take that tiger outside for a ride

A very quick bite after a cold shower, I put my boxing short on, get my giant bottle of water, my flip flops and go to the gym about 3 min away. The 2 dogs are already running after each other, the older one getting pissed at the young one, as usual.


8am, I'm gently stretching and already starting to sweat. Another hot day. 8:10, starting my first round of skipping rope. I realize after 2-3 days that I'm used to these heavy thick ropes (until they hit your toes, and you just want to cry), when I could barely finish one minute on my first day. Must have gained some strengh without noticing it. I havent looked at myself in a mirror since I landed in Bangkok. One day, I finally looked in the gym mirror, and, ha, nice surprise. 

8:30, I finish my warm up, strech again. Time for serious stuff. One of the trainers comes to me as soon as he sees me starting to wrap my hands up: ''I do one, I like to do it'', and we have our little chat. I work the bag for 2 rounds, and I'm getting ready to hear my name.

8:45: ''Stephaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie''. My trainer is calling me from the other side of the gym. Time for Thai pads. After 3 days (6 trainings) my shins are getting a bit sensitive, so I put some Bamboo oil to warm the skin up, and it changes EVERYTHING. Bamboo Oil is my new friend.

4 rounds of pads, 58 elbows, 47 knees, many many many roundhouse, lots of front kicks, and about 56 litres of sweat.

Sometimes, after the 4 rounds, my trainer, or I, would be like: Sparring? Or Clinching? And we would go for 3 more rounds. And THEN, I would look at him and say : DONE. Massage time, which is pretty awesome.

9:15-30, I go back to the bag and work again for a couple of rounds (100 knees, or 100 push kicks), Trainer would come around, give me some advice... 

End of the trainig with push ups, abds and 15 good minutes of streching.

Everybody talk together, kids are around so we kick the bag together... Good time, just love it... Then I realize it's somehow already 10 am.

Time to get buy more water, snack, nuts, fruits, yogourt, watch BBC, read by the pool, play with the kids and the dogs. Hang out with my buddies.

1pm, time for food. Green Curry and Banana Shake are much appreciated, I'm starving. Craving proteins, rice, fruits.

2:30pm, I pass out on my bed for 30 minutes nap. Unless we went to the beach for a couple of hours. Just a couple of hours because I'd be like ''Can someone drive me back to the gym, I want to go training?'' while the guys are lying down in the sun.


Time to go back to the gym, it's HOT. I would also stay longer to watch the Thai fighters train after school, pretty crazy.

But the pool is calling us. Kids are hanging out with us. Some read, others have a tan contest. Dogs are hot and are sleeping unless the young one bothers Blackie again, and again.

And time flies by nicely....

7:30: Where do we go for dinner? Fattys? Yes. 10 minutes scooter ride later, we are ready for Western food. Burger, chicken steack, pastas. I'm enjoying every single bite of the food I have during that camp. I only eat what my body needs for training, not more, not less, and it feels better than ever. 

We go back to the camp with a bit of breeze, finally. It's nice out, another hour or 2 to hang out by the pool, maybe even take a quick midnight swim. 

It usually takes about 3 minutes to fall asleep, deep sleep till the next hot morning...

And we go again....

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<br /> je me dis que j'en aurai surement marre a un moment ou un autre, surtout avec la barriere de la langue et la saison des pluies... Mais bon, 2 petits mois supplémentaires seont fortement appréciés<br /> :)<br />
<br /> Wow! Sounds like pretty busy heaven, but your heaven, for sure. On the photos you're beaming, and maybe you've found your true place to be? Is settling down over there the plan? If so I<br /> wish it will happen asap. Keep us posted about the...whereabouts.<br />