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One of my favorite thing is North America is cab rides.


You never know what's gonna happen. You never know if the driver is going to be the kind  who likes to talk, the one on his phone the whole time, speaking Hindi, the one who loves Hindi music, the slow driver, the fast one...


The last few weeks were a bit disapointing when it comes to fun cab rides. But Friday night made it up for me. Now i realize that fun cab rides most likely happen after Midnight, and well... i don't always go out that late... or i take the night bus. You have to take the cab after Midnight to enjoy it at the fullest. In a good, OR bad way.



My first cab ride last night (out of 3), 1am or so : The talker

On our way from The Main to The Waldorf Hotel, The Brazilian, The Brit, The Frenchy. I don't know how come, but we got into this intense conversation about how Vancouver Condos' owners manage to have the cool places shut down because of the noise. What do you live downtown then? From there, we talked about how my f*** unknown neighbor, from the building next to mine, 5 years ago, told my landlord i had a noisy bird. Pets were not allowed, but come on, a tiny bird. ''She is super not loud'', that what i said (after 2 bottles of Malbec, my English started to decrease). At least, it made the Brit laugh for few minutes.

Then our driver realized that the cab who picked up our friends was not supposed to work in the Vancouver area and our friends wouldn't have to pay him. We call them to let them know, but well, they paid the $15 ride.


Our second cab ride, 2:15am : 2 norvegians, 1 canadian, 1 frenchy. Gangsta Rap.

The Norvegian guy is explaining us how parties always end up with a fight in Oslo. Right then, the cab that we are passing get hit by a can of beer coming from the Limo that he was passing himself. Everybody stops right in the middle on the intersection downtown. The can broke the cab window and hurt the poor guy, in shock. In the Limo, a young girl starts to scream and insult people on the sidewalk. Then 2 young wasted gangsters, no shirt on, start to scream as well, showing with pride a golden necklace, sing of a gang, apparantely. 2 guys come from nowhere, one goes right to the window and elbow the drunk gangsta. Just 2 straight elbows.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for our taxi driver who is talking to other taxi driver who is calling the cops while the Limo driver is IN the car, waiting for the cops as well.


Unreal. What i really need when we get to the next bar is a Martini. Appletini.


My last ride, 4am

Way quiter. The guy is on the phone, and ask me where he's  supposed to go once he is in Kitsilano. That's the only words we exchanged and it's good thing.

I need to sleep.

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steph 10/10/2011 04:17

J'avoue qu'après l'avoir dit, on a bien ri quand même.

Nanou 10/10/2011 01:28

Entertaining! I love the "super not loud" (:-)