Why I should stick to French Politics on Sundays

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So I promised to tell more about last Sunday.

Sundays are always the perfect day to hang out with your family, take the kids out, go to the beach, or if it's raining, go to the aquarium. If you're a tourist, you might rather go to Gastown, and if it's warm outside, you will be chilling out on a patio, drinking beer.


Note for later 1: Do NOT ask your friend photographer how his photoshooting is going. That's what I did on Sunday morning. I was in a good mood, I had spent a lovely Saturday night, I had a good Americano in my hands and I was about to have brunch with close friends to watch the elections. So I texted my friend to wish him a good day of photoshooting.

About 7mn23 later, he calls me. I should have known. And asks me what I am up to.

Note for later 2: Always have good excuses ready to be used. Mine was too weak (croissants and French politics). 

And as a linguist, I should have known. When someone asks you if you want to be part of a fantastic adventure, including bodypainting, wine and cash, you can't really say ''No, I'm just gonna stay home and watch hot men like Sarkosy on TV''. You can NOT. Although, I should have realized that bodypainting NEVER, as far as I know, Never EVER covers clothes. Otherwise, it would be called Clothe painting. There is a reason why we say BODY painting. But before 10am on Sunday after a short night, my brain is not that fast. I didn't do well under the pressure of my friend, who was VERY frustrated (*euphemism*because one model cancelled on him, and didn't give a shit if I had brunch or what. Yes or No ?

So couple of hours later, I was in the house of someone I do not know, almost completely naked, among 6 other girls, wearing the same tiny (way too tiny by the way) shorts. We met, i painted their boobs, my hairdresser, a friend of wine painted mine.


After 3 glasses of (white. Even worst) wine on an empty stomach, i was feeling a bit better... until we actually had to go out.

We started easy: Kits Beach, aka MY neighborhood. Hello Kids running around. You're right, I don't really wear an actual tee-shirt. Hey Grand Pa', don't have a heart attack. Please.

Next stop, The aquarium and Stanley park. What a lovely day to go to the Aquarium with the kids. Why do these girls run around half naked ? Oh it's for a radio station ? Time has changed...

Then there was the entrance of the Lions gate Bridge. Right. Sunday afternoon, traffic jam. Hello guys, honk please. You can definitely vote for us but if you could stop following us, thay would be nice

A good Sunday is only good if there is a walk on English Bay. So about 3 secondes after we jumped out of the car, there were about 30 people with their Iphones, taking pictures of us. Sure, Twit, facebook, whatever, as long as you do NOT tag me. And no my shorts are not painted, they actually real, like my boobs

I believe the most popular spot was maybe Gastown, thanks to all the hip packed patios. Hello World. Yes I am cold.

Apparantely the first picture sent to the radio for their contest on Monday morning was a big surprise for them. They spoke about it for 5 minutes wondering who these girls were.

I have NO idea.



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Brigit 30/04/2012 22:21

mais cette idée de body paiting est géniale ! attendez comment quelqu'un qui va montrer son corps en full action sur un ring a peur de se montrer body painted !!!



sebseb 28/04/2012 17:04

No problem c est ton blog ;)

Bon trepidant Dimanche demain ;)))))) [ne regarde pas la politique en France c est affligeant !!!]

steph 27/04/2012 20:22

Je suis désolée d'avoir effacé vos messages ! J'en ai effacé un par erreur, et je voulais juste supprimer les liens vers la radio. Je ne voulais pas mettre de lien direct :p

Nanou 27/04/2012 02:14

Hahahahaha! No further comment.