What a Life...

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What a life.. When he closed the door behind him this morning, i thought about the last decade... What a life. And how much can we handle ? How much can we take? I've never been the kind of person to give up and i will not start to give up now. I'm a bit too old for that and as i say everyday, life is (way) to short.

Yesterday night was a nice evening. Wine by myself, great movie, good food. And a hilarious chat with the American that made me laugh for hours (seriously). 

An hour later, Davy crockett, the nickname for ''my'' own kinda-Mr Big, was at the door (lay over in Van). The 3 break-ups man, one each and one together. My bad-timing-for -4-years relationship. Since i was not prepared, i didn't have the time really to think about what i would say. Or do.

I realized that the armor was way thicker that what i thought, that i got stonger in the last few weeks than i ever was in the last couple of years. Maybe it has to do with what happened and who i met in November. Maybe not. Actullay i think I moved on all by myself. It was kinda hard and weird to realize that. There is still some kind of love, but it's not the same anymore.

Am i becoming an adult (which is good) or am I just becoming too cold and scared (not that good)?

On my way back from kickboxing tonight, i listened to that brilliant (in my opinion) song. Noel Gallagher, What a life. Love that guy.

What a life! 
What a life! 

Keep on chasing down that rainbow

You'll never know what you might find
Over the sunset on the horizon
Maybe you dream but it tastes like poison
I'm gonna take that tiger outside for a ride

What a life! 
What a life! 
What a life! 
What a life! 

Someday you might find your hero
Some say you might lose your mind

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Nanou 04/02/2012 01:08

"The young and the restless" c'était pas le titre anglais de "Santa-Barbara"? (:-D

steph 02/02/2012 07:16

SAM' MERCI !!!!! J'adore !!! Je ne connaissais pas !

steph 02/02/2012 07:15

C'est très gentil Nanou. Un peu restless dans un sens... aurait envie parfois de me poser, mais pas prête :)

Merci encore, bisouuuuuus

Nanou 02/02/2012 01:20

J'admire ta façon de rebondir et de tenir ou te relever vite de certaines possibles désillusions. Perso je sais que je n'aurais jamais été aussi forte que tu l'as été, à toujours bouger,
garder une vie sociale, avancer dans ta vie professionnelle...surtout loin de ton vrai chez toi. Mais apparemment c'était ce qu'il fallait faire. Et même si tu ne l'oublieras sûrement jamais, ce
satané Davy Crockett (et tant mieux!), tu auras su apprendre de tout ça. Quel que soit ton futur sentimental, je te le souhaite conforme à tes désirs. Je sais que ce sera comme ça. Bon,
maintenant que j'ai bien plombé l'ambiance, je te bisoute! XXX

Sam 01/02/2012 16:31