Welcome to his world.

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Seriously, sometimes i just think we're crazy here.

Today i had a date. Well, i was meeting with my man.
For lunch ? Nope.
Brunch maybe ? Nope.
A romantic walk on the beach ? Nope.
On a ring ? Yes.

I don't know if it's me or what. Maybe not. Maybe it was just the guys.

Last time we did sparring, there were maybe 3 guys, kind of kind with me.
This time, there were 5. Punching hard. One was just massive, arms covered with tattoos, shaved head, and lifting lots of weight at the Community center in Kits (PdBT introduced him to me a couple of weeks ago, telling the guy how i would kick his ass some day... sure). Another one was the one with the Evil Shirt, one was about to have his first pro fight, one was a boxing teacher, legs and arms tattoooed, PdBT, and me.

Cherchez l'erreur.

Anyway, after an hour of "sparring" :
- I had a deep cut on one of my toe, couldnt stop bleeding, i had lost a nail (?!! what the fuck ?! My pedicure is all screwed because roundhouse kicks vs elbows), and i realized that without a mouth guard, i could possibly loose a tooth soon.
Once i got home, i also noticed new bruises on my shins, a big one on an elbow, and when i looked at myself in the mirror, i could see that the corners of my eyes were pretty red.
Basically, i looked terrible.

- Well, at least i'm not the only one. PdBT got punched in the mouth : Bad cut inside his mouth, he kept bleeding and couldn't even kiss (!!!), and got punched pretty badly at one of his eyes.
When he got home, he looked at himself in the mirror and he realized that he also looked terrible. "Welcome to my world". Fortunately, he is an engineer by day.

That with our red bloody face and sweaty hair that we stopped by some friends' about-to-open bakery.

While we were tasting some bread, and PdBT was whispering "I can't have some, i'm still bleeding", i realized that my friends were probably wondering what the hell was going on. Nice way to introduce them to my boy-friend ("No he doesnt beat me up, and i don't beat him up"). So i fell i had to tell them : "We don't usually look like that. It's NOT our normal, regular faces, okay ?" (Actually, we usually look good !).

Welcome to my world he said.

Pictures to come.

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Nanou 26/01/2010 18:07

But why, WHY do you do stuff like that? stop hurting yourself (both) (:-)

steph 24/01/2010 19:58

ah ah, merci laurence !
Quand G. est rentre chez lui, il m'appelle et me dit "My eye looks really bad. i didnt realize. I look terrible !!".
Donc c bien qu'on vous ait prevenus :p

Laurence 24/01/2010 16:39

The friends were actually honored to be introduced to mister PdBT. But yes, I suppose it was a very good thing we already knew about the boxing thing

Tough love!