Veni Vidi Vici (kinda)

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So, yeah, i went. I went all the way to Richmond, somewhere by Ikea, and then i saw the Ring.
It was huge. I even wonder why you'd need to build such big rings. We could boxe 4 people on that ring (well, 2 by 2 i mean), without even bumping in each other.

- Alors les gars, on joue a Cha-cha ???

At least the good thing about boxing on the big ring is that you can still manage to be far away enough from the other guy. Well, it's probably not boxing anymore but hide-and-seek ("Tu m'attraperas pas"), but, but it can also be very useful, when someone tells you (Choupinou, au hasard) : "You gonna spare with that guy", and the guy is like 30 kilos more than you, and has a shirt with an evil printed on it.

Oh yeah, this one.

So i went, and i saw. Well, during the first round (3 minutes), i didnt see too much, because of a punch directly in my right eye. Fortunately, 1- I could use my left eye, and 2- I don't have any black eye, which would be annoying at the pre-school.
Other than that, i also had the chance to spare with PdBT, and yes, he was not as nice as the night before, for sure. Well, after being punched in the stomach, face, kicked in the legs and stuff, i had a big (sweaty, yeahhh) hug. And a massage.

I also saw blood. Like "Oh i have some blood on my arm ? Whose is it coming from ?? Who is hurt ??!! Oh, mine !". I got an huge scratch on my forearm, i have no idea how i did it. Well i had an idea, and i knew anyway that when you boxe, you're supposed to get bruises, not scratches. Ta da, i got both.

Oh yeah, that one.

On the way back home, in the car, i was trying to get some attention from the driver, aka Choupinou :
- This scratch, jeez, it really hurts (ouiiinnnn).
- You know how you did that ??
(Right away, i should have known it was a "teacher question", like "Do you know why you fell/failed ??!! Im gonna tell you kid !"). But ...
- No... (well i kinda had an idea...)
- Tada ! Because you stopped kicks with your arm !!!!! What was that ?!!!!! Ur crazy ?!
- I knooooowwww
(en plus c'est vrai, i spent the whole hour on the ring to swear, wondering where this arm to block a kick was coming from). I have NO idea where it's coming from (hum)


Well, anyway. That was good. I didnt do any sparing since Le club du Rhone with Ben aka PdBF, and "la grande epoque" with Sandrine, Laura, and of course Kevin and Kevina, haha. That was so damn good to be able to kick in the face again.

Speaking about kicking in the face, i actually kicked few good times in these 4 guys head/face/stomach. At some point, i really put my foot in the tall Evil-shirt-guy (hin hin) and the only thing i could say was " OOOPS !!!. He kept smiling for the next 2 minutes.

Im pretty sure he had NEVER EVER heard someone perfectly (well, almost) kicking him in the face, and say "Oops"

He he.
Ils s'en souviendront de leur samedi. Non mais Oh.

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elodie 09/12/2009 22:14

oh mon dieu mon dieu stephanie you are crazy maso

Hello Stéphanie 09/12/2009 07:56

ah bin ui du canyoning.. effectivement, la derniere fois que j'en ai fait, y a looongtemps, je me suis explosee le devant du tibia sur un rocher. Toute seule cmme une grande :D
Arte, oui effectivement, why not :p

Arte 08/12/2009 10:18

On va l'appeler Choupinou in gLove. ...

Emmanuelle 08/12/2009 07:27

Punaise, j'etais pas loin pour l'oeil au beurre noir
Oui je sais, c'est tres interessant comme commentaire, mais ca prouve que je suis, non? Sinon, quand viendra l'ete, essaie le cannyoning (enfin si tu n'as pas deja fait) c'est tres bien pour les
"scratches" et bleus en tout genre (et c'est toi toute seule qui peut te les faire )