The night I was very French

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And i'm still recovering (Noon right now), with a slice of embarrassment though...

That's what happens when you invit a Canadian + 1 to a (very) french party

1. It starts with : Drinking BEFORE eating. What we also call the apéro. And because my +1 and I were an hour late (first excuse made up : The pie took a long time to cook. Sure. The 2nd excuse being: We got pulled over by the cops. Which was actually true, ONE block away from my friend's building. And my +1 didnt have his Drivers licence with him or any other photo ID as a matter of fact. Besides his YMCA membership card. I'm NOT kidding).

So meanwhile, my friends started drinking. And were very warm and friendly with the Canadian guest, as soon as we arrived. Meet the Frenchies. Take a glass of wine.


2. Eat a lot of cheese and make up new english words: Cheese yourself. Cheese up. To cheese your face... To make sure it actually happens, we chose the healthy Raclette Party: Cheese, potatoes, proscuitto, salami, and more cheese. Of course. 

3. Drink lots of wine. Red, white, red and white. And explain your Canadien guest that we should leave all the empty bottles standing on the table if we were really French. I actually had forgotten about that habit.


4. Speak loud and argue about politics

Sarkozy, Hollande, Sarkozy, Carla, and anybody else that we have to speak about. Explain the Canadien guess, and maybe bore him to death about french politics. He's too polite to say he doesnt give a shit anyway.

What were we saying ? Oh yeah, so Sarkozy. Everybody talks at the same time, louder and louder, disagreeing but that's okay. Yes another glass of wine please.


5. SMoke

That's when i realized i maybe had too much wine. I was smoking Menthol (!!!) and singing french songs on a balcony downtown.


6.Shake it baby

Thanks to Ubi and its Wii, we can burn some calories and hit the dance floor. And lets forget about how we might look ridiculous right now dancing and singing in Punjabi.


For a Newbie, my +1 managed to eat the tasty cheese, stands the loud table multiple conversations and dance.Pretty good i must say.





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<br /> Nan je la joue Nord américaine: casual. Tant que eux prennent leur temps et rstent distants, well... same here...<br />
<br /> Houlàlà, on se disperse, mam'zelle! Bon alor pas de Bon Iver, cette fois!<br />
<br /> I know... On verra ce qui se passe.<br /> <br /> <br /> Mais en attendant, invit à diner mexicain mardi... juste pour voir :p<br />
<br /> Et en plus il est mignon! Ce + 1 là m'a l'air de tenir la pole position , non? Moi je vote pour lui, allez!<br />