The day i missed Jake Gyllenhale

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Yesterday was the Premiere of Prince of Persia. And since it's a Disney production and there is a very old but beautiful Disney theater on Hollywood Bd (i was there last Sunday), almost facing the Kodak theater, where else could the Premiere be ?

Monday morning, the boulevard was always closed, the red carpet was being installed and the security guys were wering nice black suits.


When i walked back home, around 6pm, people were lining up, journalists were waiting, lights were on, and the rain had stopped.


Everybody was waiting for the crew. I could have waited for Jaaaaaaake Gyllenhale.


Instead, i had to go home presto, get ready and go to a Underground classical concert with my friend Jordan.



It was taking place in a Russian painter "atelier", a huge warehouse as a matter of fact. Private party, meaning you'd have to be on the mailing list, and buy your ticket ($12). "Only" 200 people would be able to come in, bringing food and wine for a giant potluck (let's forget about the shitty "Bring your own bottle"). Once everybody would be tipsy, full and maybe even slightly high, the show would start.


We got about 2h30 of classical music, opera, with some of the most talented and wordwide famous musicians and singers. Just for us. Just because they are friends with the painter. Almost all of them being Russians.




I missed Jaaaakkkke. But at least, i saw another actor at this party, the guy from the TC show Bridges.

The one on the left, not the right. Unfortunalty.


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Nanou 21/05/2010 22:17

Oh Jake! Mmmmmmm...