The day I lost my toes for a Pad Thai

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I guess you cannot stop living because it's minus 13. 

You could but you shouldn't.

So you go to parties, in your pretty dress, with your roommate, in her pretty dress.


Hello Minus 16 (with Wind chill)


You go to work, and realize you forgot your ice skates.



You have with you 2 pairs of shoes, one for commuting, one for work


Hello Beauties

You have hat-hair pretty much all the time because... well because of that:


And finally, finally, you wait in line by Minus 13 outside of a THAI restaurant to get a Pad Thai. If THAT is not passion, I don't know what it is.


Hello Thai Beers (no pic of the Pad Thai, I ate it)

The funny part is that my toes were SO frozen, and the streetcar was SO not coming, I actually took a cab to get home (10min away).

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steph 08/01/2014 17:47

Merci merci !

Estelle 06/01/2014 02:35

Hi ! Are you okay ? Long time not see. Miss you and your writing. Love

Nanou 06/12/2013 01:48

Tu es un ventre sur pattes (:-D