Stuff you (should) do when you travel

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Happy Canada Day by the way !


When you travel, one of the worst thing to do is to wait. And have expectations

Like expecting your flight will be on time (especially Air Canada. I can't remember if my AC flight was ever on time. Ever).

Like expecting you didnt forget anything at home.

I used to forget my pajamas. At home, who cares. But that can be a problem when you share your appartment with someone. Like a colleague.

I don't forget my pajamas anymore but I do forget other things. Though, I NEVER forget shoes. 

So when you have plenty of time to kill in an airport, either because you were too early (That rarely happens, but I had a ride this time, and my ride had other things to do, on his day off. Cant believe it. So here I was at the airport), or because your flight is delayed. Or WORST, for both reasons at the same time (that's what we call La Merda)... What do you do ?

1. You read


2. You pretend you're working, when you are actually on Facebook. Or Le Monde when you are very smart.


Once you are on the plane, nothing tells you you're gonna take off right away. Are you kiddin'?! You might just wait 30 minutes, waiting for passengers from another plane. 

Then, once you're in the air, you've got plenty of options:

1. You know you should do stuff such as working, but instead you're watching a movie. A bad one if possible.

2. You take pictures with your phone.



Oh Toronto... 29 degrees at 9pm.


Perfect time to mention we had FOUR days of sun in June. FOUR.

3. You know you could eat healthy snack but you don't. You shouldn't drink during a layover, but nobody is watching you. I had a $10 pint of Amber Ale in Toronto at 10pm. I was drunk 10 minutes later. 

4. You could still work, even with alcohol in your blood. Instead you take more pictures with your phone. 




5. And worst, you think of ALL the things you forgot at home. Your guidebook. Your knee pad to train. Another pair of flipflops. Your little wallet with euros (daaaaaaamn). The cable for your camera. Among other things...

And then you wish you had another beer.


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steph 04/07/2012 03:38

I dunno know... will see (bonjour la sérénité donc).

Ma pauvre, ca doit être un calvaire !

Nanou 02/07/2012 03:06

J'adore ces petits snaps de voyage, et puis tes photos sont superbes. Bon ben, Québec commence bien on dirait (FB) et le paramedic t'as quand même liftée à l'aéroport, c'est bon signe, non? Pour
le reste, moi j'ai toujours attendu tous mes avions (mais j'en prends beaucoup moins que toi), et comme déjà je stresse à mort avoir en plus à poireauter ça n'arrange rien. Sinon, alors, c'est J.
qui a largué V. et c'est K. qui a largué T. Anguille sous roche? (:-)