My little Xmas present: The lol guy

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If you are single and looking for a nice guy, I might have found something for you today. Online.

1. Someone who never uses cliches: ''So many of you are unbelievably gorgeous! But attraction is more than just physical fo sho!''

2. Someone honest. ''I am not looking for a serious girlfriend yet. Let nature and time decide that''.

3. Someone who will not judge you on what you wear: If you believe in deity's wearing robes and funny hats and sandles etc... we will not be intellectually compatible. Life is way too short and unpredictable to waste moments with mental road blocks''

4. Someone intellectual: ''I am shocked at how boring some of you are when it comes to sex!''

5. Someone who wants a serious relationship: ''If I am going to embark into a potential new relationship, you better absolutely LOVE giving and receiving oral''. 

6. Someone who thinks breast size is not important: ''Im not into obese women or super thin either. Breast size isnt that important... i like all boobies! :)''

7. Someone passionate (aka hot sex in the shower):  ''i really miss the passion! Those moments when we build up our heat..and act in a spontanious and pasionate''

8. Someone who watches smart documentaries on TV: ''hoping you're DTF!..hahaha (Jersey shore saying) I know, kinda But seriously... ''

9. Someone who never writes lol:
Please do not be a tight 
.just fun..u know? 
 to sex!
"I wanna be the BEST bad decision you've ever made" 
answer all questions.. Lol

Happy Holiday !

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Wendy 26/12/2012 11:55

Haha, cool ce petit best-of :)

Nanou 26/12/2012 02:00

Mais dis-moi, c'était pas UN SEUL gars qui rassemblait toutes ces qualités, au moins? LOL.

Bises d'after Christmas XXX