Life is nicer in West Van

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Yesterday was Good Friday, and in about 2 minutes and 13 secondes, thanks to the Iphone ''conference'' option or whatever its name is, 3 friends on the line managed to organize where to go, what time, what to do. 


C'est beauuuuuuu

45 minutes later, we were on our way to Whytecliff park. It was cloudy in Vancouver. But in West Van, home of Desperate Real Housewives, the sky is bluer and the sun is shiner. In West Van they also have Block Watch and its actually being done by helicopters. Crazy he.

It was freezing cold in the shade (now I have a cold. Sweet), but warm on the beach (now I got few more freckles). Apparantely Whytecliff park beach is popular for divers. I have no idea of what is under water (besides a cute seal), but what we could see was people wearing super sophisticated and expensive gear. They were diving about 10 feet away from the beach. 

Since it's Easter, we bought Eggs.


Bigger, my ass.

We were very excited about the Kinder surprises, since it was said on the package that the suprises are now bigger (but the egg is still the same size). 

My friend Valentin got a green hourglass that lasts 6 secondes. SIX. We spent about half an hour to try to figure out how and when you could need just 6 secondes. Being all teachers, we finally decided you could use it in class: You have a question ? You want to speak ? You have ...6 seconds.

My friend Celine got 3 ''magic'' cards but one was not working.

I got, I believe, the coolest one, the fast car. Yeahhhh. 


What a good day. Now back to real life. Gotta go spar.

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Nanou 08/04/2012 01:34

Hihi! Marrant et mignon. Allez, boxe! Et pas plusde 6 secondes de pause.