I would rather go for the post-it (EDIT)

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I remember the time when breaking up over the phone was considered bad form...

The scene is absolutely awesome btw

I remember that too.

Then later on, I thought breaking up by email was rude. And then later on, over a text message (well actually I don't think it ever happened to me. But who knows, -some- Vancouverite men keep surprising me...). 

But time has changed my friends, time has changed.

The new way is to disapear. Let's try to make excuses if I want to avoid getting... bitter?

1. The Brian-excuse

''I was Really, but REALLY sick'', aka the Brian-excuse: Shit guys make up when they ''forget'' to call you back or when they just can NOT see you because, well, they have a really bad cold. So we have to believe us when they say you wouldn't want to be aorund them: gross.

Wrong. I love germs ! (understand: I need to get laid).

2. The Nino-excuse

When he disapears totally for few days, or weeks. You start thinking he might have been kidnapped by afghans soldiers.

3. The MacGyver excuse

He was in the woods, his phone was not working. Except that, thanks to Iphones, you can see when the person gets the text, ha ha !

4. He's dead

That's a pretty good excuse if you ask me.

5. The No-excuse

It's just over but he doesn't want to have to deal with it. 


So I have now, well I guess, the confirmation that when I heard, 6 weeks ago: ''We'll see (when you come back)'', I kinda understood right (but I was still a bit hopeful), aka: ''I'll forget you as soon as I drop you off at the airport''. I have the confirmation NOT because it was clearly said when I came back, but because of the exact opposite: NOTHING was said. 

Wow, -some- men here will keep surprising me everyday.



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steph 18/08/2012 19:51

J'ai fini par envoyer un email pour dire que bon, c'est mieux de fermer le chapitre proprement, et il a répondu en s'excusant... comme quoi même les gentils peuvent être... well, blazants.

Sixers 18/08/2012 16:43

What a di*k head !

lazette 16/08/2012 12:16

Le nase.

steph 16/08/2012 02:52

et oui...

Les 2 extraits de SATC sont extraordinaires :p

Nanou 16/08/2012 01:21

P.S: extraits très bien choisis!