Better than JCVD.

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After 2 months away, where my only connection with French Language and culture was my weekly phone call to my mom and my sister, AND most important, Télé Matin, VOIRE Questions pour un champion (Le luxe, le cable, TV5 à Phuket)...

When you get back to Vancouver, you get to mix up pretty much everything. I want to say Thank you in Thai, I'm surprised how its clean, I was excited when I see squirrels and seaguls on my street.... and you get tipsty pretty easily. Because you almost didnt drink ANY alcohol for nearly 7 weeks, you trained 4 hours a day and you dropped weight.


Training HARD in Thailand with the Man.


That combo makes you say stuff like that, on a Sunday afternoon, on Tap & Barrel patio, half way a pint of Blue Buck Pale Ale:

''Le plus dur c'est de maker un choix''.


Voilà. RIP le french language.

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Nanou 30/05/2013 01:55

But alors ça c'est sûr!