10-10 (The Weird Instant)

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Yesterday evening, we experienced a kind of "Weird Moment" (something like L'instant Suedois, but without "Regarde comme le plafond est blanc Igmar").

It started with a crazy canadian Christmas Party, invited by Cheri's Boss, a lesbian living in an house with her partner. A HUGE house. Built in 1908, so one of the oldest house in the neirghbourhood (east 15th), looking like everybody dreams to be invited in this house. And we were. And it was just terrific. Hardwood floors, painting everywhere, huge flat screen, leather couches evrywhere, fireplace in a room, and oldie, vintage, antics style. And of course, Christmas decorations in the whole house.


Like a real canadian party, we were invited to bring our own booze, and something for the food bank. There, a great buffet with meat, cheeeeese, sweet chocolates, etc etc... As Cheri was the driver, i took care of our bottle of wine. So, when we left to go to my work's party, i was completely in the mood.

And here is the Weird Instant. It was around 10 when we arrived there. Even maybe 10:10, who knows.

One of my collegue introduced me her husband. I was knowing 2 things about him. His job, and his birthday. Photographer, born October 10th...  Cheri came, and here was the scene : My boy, from Germany, born 10.10, this photographer, from New-York City, born 10.10, and me half teacher - half "Try to explore my artist side", born 10.10. Here, in Vancouver.

And the connection between us ? For my birthday, Cheri offered me a card, with a beautiful photograph in Sepia. I wanted to find the office of this artist, because it was just beautiful... And i found her partner, my collegue, selling his pictures in a Chrismas Market... Small word...

As i was like in a smooth mood, i started to ask him if i could visit his workplace, have some tips about how to sell pictures, exhibitions, blablabla. He asked me to show him my pcitures of Paris, and use if i want his dark room downtown.

 I was so excited that i kept taking care of the wine. And sang Celine Dion in the car, in our way to home :s

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NewYorkangel 12/12/2006 08:14

Une soirée échangiste avec des protagonistes presque tout nés le même jour...
Bon, on a un peu détruit la beauté et la pureté de ton post là...sorry about that. Just kidding of course :-)

Anne-So 11/12/2006 15:59

j'avoue: en lisant weird instant j'ai pensé, l'espace d'un millième de fraction de seconde, qu'en fait tu t'étais retrouvée dans une soirée échangiste... !