Pictures of the day : Only in Vancouver

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Actually, there is 3 pictures of the day...

2 weeks ago, i was drinking a coffee with my sweetheart, in a Cafe of Kerrisdale... We were working on our super-top-sicrete-project... And we've been the witnesses of something really... only  in Vancouver..

Okay, it looks like 2 guys having a break...Reading a newspaper...

Okay, still looks like 2 guys having a break...Watching an american football game...

Eheh !

And we missed the best picture.. Few minutes later, 5 cops were having their break here...

Have a nice week-end !

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steph 21/10/2006 18:54

ui Fab, javais pense a ton post ! merci !

Fab 21/10/2006 12:01

Je suis entierement d'accord avec toi. C'est une scene tres surrealiste.
Comme je n'ai pas reussi a faire un Trackback, je permets de mettre le lien de mon post ou j'exprimais le meme etonnement: (avril 2006)

Sandrine 21/10/2006 11:39

C assez surréaliste :^)