I'm so right and you are so wrong.

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There always have to be ONE Vancouverite, at some point, that will cross your path and that will feel like he HAS to tell you what to do, because obviously you're doing it wrong. He will feel the power of THE one who is right, and for that reason, he'll have to point at it.
I HAAAAAAAAATE that. Maybe because i'm French. Probably because i'm French and i don't like when people tells me what to do or point at what i am doing wrong, when i already know it.
It always feels like this Vancouverite KNOWS and the world has to know he's right.
Good boy. Un premier de la classe en puissance. "Look look, i'm doing it properly, you French are wrong".

For instance...
8 in the morning, you're running on the beach, it's quite, warm, it feels good. You're running in the right lane, the one for runners, but for, like 4 seconds while you were dreaming maybe, you are in the wrong lane. At this specific moment, a guy will come in the other way, on his bike, and will NEED to tell you "You are in the wrooong lane".
At 8 in the morning. Nobody but birds, squirrels and few runners and bikes.
Bye Zen attitude, a la place, tu maudis la terre entiere pour t'avoir donne des cons pareils.

Last night, 9pm, i'm coming back from my boxing class on my bike. I only live 10 minutes away so i take little streets in the very quite Kitsilano to go home. I'm on my bike, feeling so good and happy to be back to boxing, thinking of so much fun i have in class.
And then, in a little quite street, i pass by another guy on his bike who neeeeeeds to let me know my lights dont work. Well i KNOW they don't work. I KNOW i have to get new ones.
But i think some behaviour are way more dangerous than riding 10 blocks in a nomenland such as Kits at night without lights.. Such as driving a big SUV like crazy, driving AND using your phone (the favorite Vancouverites'hobby), killing seals, drinking tons of coffee in papercups every single day, and so on.
Okay maybe you'll argue that they might think you don't know. But serisouly, on my way home, i passed by at least 4 other WRONG bikes, but would i feel like i'd have to let them know ? No, because i assume they have 2 eyes and they propably already know.

All my good and relaxed flow went away and became a big "F*********K Putaiiiiiiiiiin de canaaaaadieeennnnnns !!!" aloud, in the too quite streets of Kits.

This guy reminded me of the same kind of kids i o
ften see  at school. Les premiers de la classe qui denoncent leurs petits camarades (Miss, Miss, John, il a touche le truc-la").
C'est beau.

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Marie 18/09/2009 22:18

Moi ça fait 3 jours que je me fais traiter de bitch en voiture! que des mecs en vélo me hurlent dessus. Résultat j'ose même plus prendre ma bagnole!