Vancouver, ton univers (im)pitoyable

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Today is a big day for Vancouver.
I cleant the floor of my suite.
Someone unplugged the wrong plug and turned off the electricity in the whole block. Cool.

Okay, here are THE big news, in the local news this morning. C'est dire que c'est la folaie a Van.
Van is a crazy city where new crazy and interesting things happen every single day. Yes !
So today Vancouverite were excited about TWO things :

1- The grand opening of ... a SEPHORA store !!! Youhoo !!! DIngue.
Sephora has opened this morning downtown and it was in the news. A HUGE line up of people girls were trying to get into the store at 9am.
Pfiou !

2- The official trial of a new BIKE LANE on Burrard Bridge !! Dingue.

On cree une piste cyclable aditionnelle sur le pont et c'esr la fete au slip, on parle de ca depuis 10 jours et meme le Maire a fait son petit tour hier.
Sounds crazy but there've been many "fights" about this bike lane.
Basically, despite the fact the previous bike lane was scary and dangerous (you had to share the sidewalks with walkers, runners, skateboarders, without anything protecting you from traffic), big SUV canadian drivers many drivers kept complaining about it... They loose ONE lane in ONE way, but apparently, this is the end of the world for them.

Donc voila, aujourd'hui est un jour de fete.

Pouet Pouet.

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Nanou 14/07/2009 04:11

Et ici c'est le...Tour de France, ouais! Tous ces cyclistes clean et en PLEINE forme!!!