(Almost Sunny) Sun Run 2009

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I did it !!Vous pouvez me voir tout en noir a droite sous les ballons verts. Mais siiii la, a droite !

I've been living in Vancouver for more that 3 years, and i finally ran my first Sun Run today, for its 25th anniversary.
I was among 55.000 people, according to the medias, which is just insane and incredible. It's the second largest timed 10k in North America i believe, and maybe the 3rd all around the world !

The weather was actually perfect. Not a single raindrop, no wind, kind of warm but not too warm.

When i started to walk on Davie Street, after sleeping over in the West End, i couldnt believe it. Everybody, at 8:30, was walking towards Georgia Street, where the starting line was. And what a blast. Georgia was just packed. 55.000 people, music, supporters, everybody was here.
I made my way to the Green line. Depending on your estimated speed, you don't start at the same point. 

A bit before 9, a guest singer sang O Canada, and people around me sang as well, before clapping, and cheering up everybody. At 9am sharp, the fastest runners got started. And then slowly, the White group has moved towards the Starting line which was probbaly 100 meters away. And then, the Green Group, mine, has been able to slowly move, walk actually, for about 2 or 300 meters, i would say. And then, as soon as you pass the line, the time, le chronometre, starts for you, thanks to a little chip you had to fix to your lace.
Smart !

The beggining was kind of crazy. Bands were playing on the line, people were cheering us up everywhere. After few minutes, i had already passed 5692 persons, walking or just running very slowly. Making our way in Stanley Park was hard, so packed... It got better once we were by the ocean.

Petite vue bien sympathique.

When we arrived on Burrard Bridge, i knew i was half way. I checked at my watch. I was running for 30 minutes. It boosted me, thinking that i could actually be done in one hour.. or less :)

Less than one hour later, i was sprinting on Cambie Bridge, finishing the last one kilometer with burning legs. I had the time to see and say hello to Sam Sullivan, our former major in his wheeling chair.

The hardest part was actually when i had to walk "home", at the exact opposite of the downtown, feeling my legs getting sore... But i was proud of myself.

Oh yeah !

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Emile 24/04/2009 16:56

Respect et Robustesse !!!!

stephanie 22/04/2009 17:13

ha ha, merci :DPat, oui j'ai deja releve des trucs sympas ! En fait, j'avais la plupart du temps mon Ipod, et du coup c'etait moins flippant. Il s'est arrete pdt qqs secondes a un moment, et ct vraiment flippant d'entendre tous ces pieds autour :sJ'ai pas arrete de zigzager, faire des coudes pour me faufiler, rester bloquer derriere des tres lents, etc. On m'a meme fait tomber a un moment... mais bon, c'est a faire... Ya les mascottes tout ca...

fabienne+and+co 22/04/2009 14:54

Wow! C'est impressionnant tous ces gens! Well done!

Pat 22/04/2009 14:35

Lance toi plutôt sur des trails, du côté de vancouver dans tes montagnes, ce doit être l'extase !!! Certainement plus que d'être noyée au milieu de 55000 personnes... My god...Chapeau pour le résultat ceci dit ! Doit falloir jouer serré des coudes !

Sandrine 21/04/2009 21:20

Bravooo ! Tu as bien fait de faire ça à Vancouver (pi bon, c'est là-bas que t'habites, c qd même + pratique) because ici, le Marathon de Lyon a été annulé cette année (bon, je comptais pas le courir, de toute façon)... Voilà... ça, c'est un vrai comm qui sert à rien, tiens !