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At least today...

I was reading
Marie's blog tonight, which is nice but a bit painful for me since she lives in New York City and takes beautiful pictures of her city, which reminds me how much I miss New York every single day (If NY could be located in Yukon, that would just be perfect...).

And i read that Iraq war was over, all public universities gonna be free, and Bush has been indicted on charges for treason...
My day couldn't end better than that...

And then, here we were..

A fake New York Times has been given out free today, in all New York City.. The only way to find out it was fake was the date : 4 July 2009.


It's quite funny, especially since some New Yorkers have believed War was over, and i wish i could have one of those in my hands...


Here is the fake New York Times website.

Enjoy good news and have a great day :D



You're welcome !

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stephanie 14/11/2008 08:06

Fab, sorry :s

Nanou 14/11/2008 03:53

And if only...Jude Law was my husband, huh?

Stephanie-aussi 13/11/2008 20:50

Martin Luther King n'a t'il pas dit un jour " I had a dream" ? And the dream comes true...And the dream will come true...Le chemin choisi donne bon espoir en tous cas...

fabienne and co 13/11/2008 18:10

Mon coeur a battu plus fort l'espace de 2 secondes, le temps de faire descendre la page.