How to freeze your ass...

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Very easy. Just go to Yukon !

I landed in Dawson City, YT, thursday morning, after spending a short night in Whitehorse, hosted by a nice germano-canadian couple . It had just snowed in Dawson, giving to the city a magical spirit.
It was quite cold up here, 15 below zero. Cold but beautiful. It was even colder the following morning, probably because of a bright night (i haven't seen so many stars in my entire life), and a blue sky. 25 below zero. I had to wear my snowboard outfil, tights under the pants, 2 pairs of socks, rowing specific long sleeve, warm pull over, and so on.

I have already taken hundred of pictures, digital and film of course. Light is beautiful. We met some cariboos trying to avoid hunters, and unfortunately we also met dead cariboos, which is just a big pain. I just don't understand hunting as a "sport"... We also saw few foxes, and many great dogs, such as sleddogs.
Anyway. People are here way different than in Vancouver, but it's not a big surprise... Socializing is the main winter activity here, beside old movies at the theater, casino, live music, exhibit at the art gallery and outdoor activities. Socializing... Having people at home for a tea, a drink, a movie... Something common for european or at least for the french people i know, but something unsual for vancouverite i believe. Their home is too private to invite you there.

The river frooze almost completely on thursday night, so the ferry has stopped crossing the river at noon on friday. For the next 3 or 4 weeks, people living on the other side of the river will be "stuck" on their side, in their home. They had to buy all the things they need, water, food, batteries to be independant for the next weeks. After that, once the river is completely covered by thick ice, they test it, and open the "trail" on the river. People are allowed to cross by foot or by car to go back to the city and take a nice bath.... It reminded me a bit when i was sailing for weeks with my parents.. Saving water, electricity and taking our bath in the sea...

Well, definitely a beautiful land...

Well, since i wrote this post, i have been back to Vancouver... Sad but happy. Happy to have found an answer...

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Humm bonjour miss, pas pu repondre a tes posts sur le Yukon plus tot pour cause de vacances à Nice, mais je vois que toi aussi tu as succombe au charme du grand nord, t cela meme s'il fait froid ... va falloir que je vienne te voir !! bisous et ravi que tu ais trouve ta ou tes reponses
Beautiful scenery but definitely way too cold for me.So, is the answer eine "Ja"???
Dis, c'est quel genre de réponses qu'on peut trouver devant un tel paysage ???
magnifique la derniere photo et impressionnant.
Alors là c'est le dépaysement total.