Why I love New-York

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If some people can be moved by beautiful nature, wild flowers, huge landscape, if these people can look at trees and fields for hours, if they are able to enjoy the poetry in the nature surrounding us... If i can also enjoy Beautiful Earth, i can be sooooo moved by people.
I will feel tears in my eyes, looking at this old man falling asleep on a bench. I can feel like blessed because i'm in this particular subway where this old and poor man is down on his knees, playing some melody on his dirty little piano. I will feel like being on Heaven because i've seen these young artists trying to earn few bucks by doing some funny cool show in a Square. I will enjoy each little piece a human will share with us, lost like he is, in a big city...
I am definitely in love with (big) cities, as long as she can offer me this realistic poetry...
Well, that what i thought when i picked up my last B&W photographs from New York...
Tears came up when i looked at few of them... Especially this one :



Love in Central Park

Too much white on a Brooklyn Roof.


Meeting at the Train Station

Here is why I definitely love New York !

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Me too !
Ces photos sont absolument magnifiques et plus que jamais me donnent envie d'aller à NY.<br /> J'ai 2 préférences, la première avec ce vieux monsieur au visage si expressif, et la 3ième qui a un coté "instant volé" qui me plait beaucoup......
N° 1 is REALLY beautiful and moving. I also love the lovers!