Mr Danger and his friends

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The whole story takes place on a roof of Brooklyn, close to Prospect Park and Church Avenue... I love a clean Church avenue by the way.
Mr Danger is one of the characters of this crazy story.  Or should i call him Mr Moon ? I don't really know his real name but i'm even not sure he would like me to mention it. 
Anyway. Mr Danger comes from Detroit and had, last night, dreams of a destroyed Detroit. Why not...
Mr Danger, or Mr Moon, i guess it depends on his mood, has a bunch of friends. Crazy friends who have been unified by chance. They actually live in the same building.

There are Kath, Toby, Jonathan and Paul. Or should i say Nick ? Everybody calls him Paul, because of an old story i will tell you sometime.
Jonathan, Toby and Mr Danger are roommates. 
Toby has an interesting kind of life. He comes from Colorado and has been living in New York for 2 years. Tall guy for sure, he works in a cheese and beer store. You go there, you taste some good cheese and he's happy. This is his work. 2 days a week. The other days, nobody really knows what he's doing... Hanging out, riding his bike in Brooklyn, playing music. He's good actually. He also drinks beers on his roof and from time to time, does a bit of drugs. 

Jonathan works in a fancy juice bar somewhere in Union Square. The kind of bar where old ladies come in to enjoy a carrot juice and speak bout what kind of raw food they should eat before yoga class. The kind of new yorker who, when they leave, say "Live raw" instead of "Take care of you" or "have a great day".
 The first time i met Jonathan, he was looking like an hamster, because of a dentistry surgery. He went to the best dentist he could find. Actually, he found out that he was also Bruce Willis dentist. We spoke about finding out who was Bruce's barber, in case someone wants a great haircut. 
Jonathan has definitely a 80's style. Which is weird, but cool. He plays guitar very well and is a great singer with great impro. It's just funny to see this tall guy with his fluo 80's shirt singing Bob Dylan, or Jingle Bells in the living room.

Kath is the youngest. 20, pretty confident in herself, long dark hair, few tatoos on her body. She loves crazy sunglasses, hats, purses, and drugs. All her friends live in San Fransisco and she just waits for one thing, going back there and get drunk with them. While waiting for that, she studies a bit, writes, is a dj from time to time, works as an hostess, and basically drinks and does drugs in New-York instead of San Fransisco. 
The first time i saw her, it was about 2 months agoy. It was 3 in the morning and Mr Danger and I were trying to find a way to get in the building without the door key. She was of course awake walking around, between her apt, the neighboors' apt and the roof.

And there is Nick. Or Paul. He's 27, and he's an actor. And he's probably an alcoholic as well. The first time i met and spoke with, i didn't notice anything strange about him. I mean, 3 of the group were doing acid, like just something you could do on a saturday night. I was doing beers and cigarettes, Nick too. So we just started to speak about our lifes. And then about work. Family. Religion. And so on. After a while of a great conversation on the roof, someone came up and told us the sun was about to rise. I just couldn't believe it was already 5 in the morning. I'm pretty sure we have spoken for at least 4 or 5 hours... And then the sun showed up, in such a perfect light, you can't help but being happy to be on this roof. I took plenty of pictures, and it's exactly at his moment, when i saw the color pictures of these people on this roof in my camera screen that the idea to write about then came up...
Anyway, the day after, i was speaking with Mr Danger, and he asked me, "But what did you speak about with Nick ?! You guys look like you spoke a lot and so long... Didn't you notice something strange about him ? He's so weird... but great at the same time"..
No actually i hadn't notice anything strange... Few days later, i realized he was kind of drunk pretty much every night. I also learned about the crazy jobs he did as an actor or just an extra... such as a 50 cent video clip for instance. And just to imagine this guy being in a 50 cent video clip is just the funniest thing i've heard lately.

And there is Mr Danger. Mr Danger has a great style, great tastes in music and literature. The first time i met him was at the Revival, a bar in Union Square where he often hangs out. He was there on a thursday of july, and thursdays at the Revival are the Couch nights. I was there because my friend was couch surfing. And we met. I will tell you someday how i exactly met him, but for now, let's focus on Mr Danger.
This 27 guy comes from a small city of Michigan but used to live in Detroit, before moving to New-York city few months ago. Detroit has an average of 20% of unemployment, which is scaring, and can definitely be a good reason to move to New York.
Anyway. Mr Danger always wears hats and intense sunglasses when he doesn't forget them somewhere such as a bar, restrooms, stairs or work place. Speaking about that, he works in a very fancy raw/vegan restaurant where he couldn't even offer a drink. So neither could i. As a personal assistant of the boss, he basically does what she asks him to do, but also just reads in the Union Square restaurant garden when she doesn't ask for anything. How he got this job is another story i keep for later. But still, this work opened his eyes on a whole new way of eating and treating his body (and soul ?). A libra, like me or him, always needs to find a balance. Raw/vegan/organic way of eating is the exact opposite extreme of cigarettes/beers/no sleep/drugs from time to time.
The other thing is his brain food. We had great conversations about literature, politics, religion, poetry and music, as much as we had crazy stupid conversations. Rimbaud, Verlaine, Celine, Gainsbourg are part of his world as much as his neighboors are. 
I won't go further, for now. This is just the beginning of how everything's started. 
Unfortunatly, i don't have here the picture of this sunday early morning on the roof of a Brooklyn building, close by Church avenue.
Have i already mentioned that i love a clean Church Avenue ?

Copyright Hello Stephanie
PS Sorry for my english by the way.


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Nanou 08/09/2008 03:13


stephanie 07/09/2008 05:10

pas que je me souvienne.. juste dans un trip a la Kerouak ou Rimbaud, a voir. Genre dans son monde !

stephanie 07/09/2008 05:10

pas que je me souvienne.. juste dans un trip a la Kerouak ou Rimbaud, a voir. Genre dans son monde !

Nanou 07/09/2008 04:50


stephanie 06/09/2008 06:03

as a friend of mine would say.. weirdooooos, lolBut unfortunatly, no danger at all but the name !!