Moi vouloir etre chat.

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Today was the Greek day. Perfect if you want a bit of Eastern Europ right in the middle of Vancouver, and if you want a bite of pita and Souvlaki.

But the nicest thing, beside the weather, was... the cats on my way home.
The first one is an old cat, very nice, who lives in the
VOKRA House (Vancouver Orphan for cats, oui oui un orphelinat pour les chats).
he looks soo sad, but he has such a great life. Cats manage to make you feel guilty, it is so unfair !
The last one is Pricilla of course, my neighbour's cat who spends most of her time in my flat, either on my balcony, enjoying the sun with me, or on my bed, laying down right in the middle of the futon, and losing her hair everywhere :s
She was actually waiting for me (for food i guess, pfff). Cute, he ?

"La vie est trop injuste"

"C'est a moi que tu parles ?"



"C'est a cette heure que t'arrives ?"




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stephanie 26/06/2008 01:32

Chris, mdr, tu m'as fait peur, j'ai cru que j'avais ecrit vodka, par erreur !!!

Chris 26/06/2008 00:14

Ok, je suis le seul a avoir lu VODKA à la place de VOKRA ?Bon, j'ai du mal à lire, j'ai besoin d'un verre...

seleiah 25/06/2008 22:45

punaise, c'est vrai qu'il a l'air tout triste ce chat !!!!!!!!!!! =(((((

ameline 24/06/2008 23:56

Trop dure la vie des chats...^^