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Le jour ou je suis devenue residente permanente

I celebrate today my "2 years and half" here. I just can't believe it...
Few days ago, i was thinking about my last night and morning in France, 2006, January the 25th and 26th... Saying Goodbye to Gribouille.... to Christophe who took care of my cat, Sam (
who told me "Anyway, your back in 2 months
!"), and of course, my sister and parents...

I miss my family and friends. I miss Lyon. But i just feel i still have things to do here... I can't explain it. My way not to be too sad and melancolique is pretty simple : Just not think about my french life. Avoid any kind of thought (
and to work a lot helps
I miss Lyon, i miss Paris, i miss Provence, i miss Lille. I miss all the people i know in these places.
I miss local food. I miss meeting friends in front of Le parvis de l'Opera. I miss summer-night-Haagen Daz ice-cream on Place des Terreaux.
I miss Tapas from La Luz. I miss Les quais de Saone and Sundays' bouquinistes . I miss my ride on a Velo'V.
I miss La Grande Roue Place Bellecour. I miss La Marquise on Les quais du Rhone. I miss a Monaco at the 203.

But somehow, i often feel like i have a parallel life here. That's a very weird feeling. Since not too many people from France came to visit me, i really feel like nobody i've been knowing for a long time knows something about my life here.
I have other friends, another langage, other places where to hang out, other stories... Canadian life is my parallel world, my second life. How many do I have left ??

And so many things to do here. A new exhibit ? A screenplay to write and a short movie to shoot. A book to write in August. And these little daily pleasures... A balcony party. A pic-nic on the beach after work. A run on English Bay. Dancing. Having sushis. Madonna at the GM Place. Travelling. In BC, in Canada, in US.  Idaho, Washington State, Chicago. The Big Apple. Learning to surf on Tofino Long Beach. The Jazz Festival. Having Breakfast on the balcony. Having pancakes at Sophie's comic cafe. Pilates. And so on.

Yesterday, i, we finally made it. I got my confirmation of permanent residency. I can stay wherever i want in Canada, work where i want (and where i can find). Some much pressure, and in 15 min, that was it. I got the paper...
Like always, after the kind of big event i've been waiting for a very long time (my phD for instance), i have a kind of "contre-coup", like a depressed wave. A mix of relief, sadness, and of course -lonely- happiness.
I celebrated it alone, and realized that celebrating it without him doesn't make much sense...

The day after (today), i brought croissants in my great corporate class i had for 6 months, in a big canadian compagny, and the students offered me a huge basket full of food, a powerpoint about the 6 months french class, and plenty of great and sweet cards... 
And even though i'm looking for another kind of job, i can't help being touched by on my students' words saying i have a gift for this job.

Comme si je ne me posais pas assez de questions !!!

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Naimi 02/07/2008 15:23

Félicitation pour ta résidence, j'imagine que ca doit être un gros soulagement.

vio 29/06/2008 04:09

Congratulations !!!
C'est super ca ... je suis contente pour toi Steph.gros bisous vio

stephanie 28/06/2008 19:45

Mad > Je les deja vus l'an dernier, c'est beau !!Kitof, Oh ouiiiii !, Chris > Oh uiiiii !Sand, Steph, Alex, Laure, Merkiiii !bisous

Alex et Laure 28/06/2008 18:30

Félicitation pour ton permanent visa. On aurait tellement voulu avoir ton courage avant de quitter le Canada que l'on regrette tellement maintenant. En espérant te voir prochaine sur strasbourg....

Stephanie-aussi 27/06/2008 18:36

Ouhaaa, félicitations pour le permis de résidence !!Profite bien de Vancouver, de tout ce que la ville peut t'offrir... quand tu n'y sera plus, ça te manquera aussi :-)Encore bravo, savoure !