Sex, and the city, and the music

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Lately, we've been speaking about ONE thing here in Van (probably like NYC or Paris). This is the main event of the month, maybe even of the year...(Ok no, i forgot, last week we finally celebrated the opening of a huge H&M store downtown ! That was THE big thing last week actually...)
 Yep, Vancouver is quite, sooooo quite (i didnt say boring, no no no... hum) that a movie can be enough to wake the city up.
And we have soooo many cultural event... So many that we keep speaking about ONE thing. One single thing. An american movie(ouiiinnn)

Sex and the city.
I know. it's pathetic. But soooo exciting.

We organize the night as if we would organize Prince Harry's wedding. So many questions we have to deal with, so many e-mails to decide of every single detail :
- Where ??? Which theater will be less crowed ??!!!
- When ??? When will it be less crazy ??
- Who ????!!
I have a student who goes to the theater only with girls, and will go drink Martini, before and after the movie. How the heck did it become a kind of cult ?!
Anyway, i will go with my girl-friends on sunday night. Of course, we already bought our ticket. And i hoooope we will have martinis or whatever, after.

Besides, i'ts thursday, one day left before the week-end. Days are so long, weeks are so exhausting... But i sooo don't want to give up my other activities. Running to a dance class between two french classes, pffff. I soooo look forward to being on vacation.
I dream about one month in Tofino (Very west coast of Vancouver Island), spending my time to walk on the beach, surfing a little, and writing.

Pour finir...
I want to share with you great piece of music. Her name is Hannah Georgas. She has a bit of Feist in her Voice.
I saw her by chance, at the Anza Club, she was singing before Jon & Roy, and it was just GREAT.
Check her
MySPace, i can't stop listening to her music...
She will play in Vancouver next week-end in little cafes around (the 8th at the cafe next block, The Wired Monk), so come on check it out !

Sur ce !

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