How i improve my english (uh uh)

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Well, since ex left (we found out it's not that easy. At all), i need to focus as much as i can on keeping improving my engliche. It's very easy, though. (uh uh).

- I go to an italian restaurant with 2 french girls, but i keep speaking english to the waiter who switched to french as soon as he heard us.
Do the same : Go to a francophone place but speak english.

- I speak english to my ex-students who want to speak french absolutly (by the way, it might be the reason why they keep speaking to me), even though they speak french to me.
Do the same, you will feel like in a JCVD movie (Jean-Claude Van Damme, for the dummies).

- I read in english, even though the books speak about France. I'm currently reading a great hilarious book : After A year in the Merde, Merde happens. I learn a lot about my own culture. But in english (hin hin)

- I speak english to the neighbor's cat. You could think, What the hell is that advice ?! You're wrong. I guess i could speak to her in french by now, but  since i have nobody else to speak to, at home... (ouiiiiinnnn).

- I go to the Pilates, and i learn a lot about sexual "physical" vocab, like Core, Push up (argh) (which is not a bra but a bootcamp exercise), core again (Pilates love speaking about the Core), etc.

- I still try to deight englisk spokers, even if they're like a soufle. Full of air. But, at least, i improve my english (and i get free food), by speaking about heuuu painting, foie gras, tatoos, Van Gogh and strawberries (dont try to understand, nobody but me can do it).

- I go to photo-club field trip, with a broken camera :) Cauz, as i'm a very organized girl, I go to a photo-trip with ONE film (i'm old school), and this is the day when my camera decides to be on strike. I didn't make any pic, but i did speak english, Hin hin.

- And last but not least, i go to dance classes.
I thought i would have some kind of trouble to understand everything, since, i haven't danced jazz for 2 years and half (damn it !).
SO i went to the jazz dance class. And, if i improved my flexibiliy, i didnt improve my english at all.
Exemple :
In french, we say Plié, Grand Plié. In english, we say  Pliéh, Gwand Pliéh
In french, we say  Jeté. In english, we say Jetéh.
In french, we say Pas de bourré (nothing to do with drunk step). In english, we say Pah de boowé.

Pretty easy, hu ?

Okay, i go back to my glass of californian red wine, my toast of fwa gwas, my demie-cigarette, on one of my balcony.
Ha ha !

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stephanie 07/05/2008 17:14

Chris, when do you come ? ! Hehehe Valentin, pff i'm not that desperate. The cat works actually !Pat, you're damn right !

Pat 07/05/2008 13:01

And don't forget you're not allowed to touch the cat you're speaking english to. Actually, do canadians allow speaking to cats you haven't been introduced to, even if you don't use french?

Valentin 06/05/2008 13:36

there is one and only one solution: date an english speaking boy, who doesn't speak french at all.. ( but i guess you already know this solution)--> here's some help

Chris 06/05/2008 13:28

Best tip besides talking, always keep thinking in english (and have a friend who is a syntax moron ;p )