Take a ride, baby (chuis pas une blonde platiiiiine)

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There is something i loooove in Vancouver, it's the bus. Not because the public transportation are, in Van, as terrible as it can be in India (meaning that bus is great if you work in the city - cauz you know the bus road and stops, pretty useful when you can't see by the window- between 9 and 5. After that, it's just the 3rd world).
But because i like so much the old buses (the one you can see in 21, Jump Street), but mainly because the bus is like La cour des Miracles.

All the crazy people (and there are a lot since the city has closed the psychiatric hospital many years ago), the ugly one, bimbos, immigrants (like young french people speaking loudly on the phone about the recipies for a french dish, or more interesting, when they think that, whatever, nobody can understand them :)), the construction workers with their dirty kind-of-sexy outfit, the chinese old women with their mask to try to protect their health from pollution (??!), the obese with a bottle of coke in the hand at 10am, the yoga addict, with all her equipment (mat, big Lululemon bag, the $100-ultra-tight-Lululemon-pant, big sunglasses, perfect ponytail, starbuck Latte), the asian students sleeping (like always), homeless carrying behind him his huge bags full of plastic bottles (recycling for few cents).

Two days ago, a girl came in the bus, and you could'nt not see her. Very platin blond, almost white, very pink heels, short skirt. She was right in front of me, so i started to examine her, wondering what could mean to be pretty for this girl... She had an old pink polish on her nails. And she was sooo hidden behind make up. She was completly brown. Yak. I could see it was more than make up. There was something else, that was too ugly and contrasting with her almost-white hair... And then, i saw her hand. On the back, was written :
"Tan, 5:00".

I wanted to tell her... "Maybe honey, you should stop right know tanning". Et je voulais lui chanter une chanson....

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Pour les non anglophones (comment caaaaaa) :
Une jeune fille dans le bus, chuis pas une blonde platiiiiiiiine, talons rose fluo, petite jupe, vernis rose ecaille, et surtout 3 kilos de fond teint sur la gueule. Charmant. Evident qu'il n'y avait que le travail du maquillage la-dessus... Sur sa main, il etait ecrit : "Seance d'UV, 17h". Mademoiselle, faut tout arreter la. hein.

J'adore le bus (mais alors juste pour ca, pasque, quelle perte de temps ! Enfin sauf pour lire bien sur, et regarder les gens)

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bizarrment ici, ils sont encore bien branches UV !
Question: est-ce que la séance de "tan" signifie forcément UV ? Parce que les UV étant devenus ultra-down (nocifs, blablabla), il se développe maintenant un peu partout des séances d'autobronzant (cf. je sais plus quel clip de Pink où elle prend une douche d'autobronzant et ressort orange).